Welcome to JeJe grill’s website. JeJe grill is opened at 239 s bridge st Elkton md 21921 on Jan 6 2016. Our Priority is to provide a great experience for our customers with excellent quality of both food and service. On this day many people pay attention to the food they eat. Found more healthy and nutritious food for their families, friends and for themselves. JeJe grill found the way to make food healthier for our customers.We found the highest quality coffee using Italian dark roast and Sumatra take as much time as it takes to brew it fresh everyday make it excellent for you, different choices of aromatic teas, sweet refreshing smoothies made from fresh real fruits for drinks. Along with warm breakfast, fresh sandwiches, homemade lunch boxes with different varieties, and Korean style dinners. We hope you enjoy our offer to you and have a wonderful time at our restaurant.